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Product Desciption

Mold components are what make the mold work and the mechanisms used to deliver a quality end product. Key components include mold bases, pins, ejectors, lifters, bushings, guides and alignment devices. Mold components can be broken down into three categories: frame plates, frame components, and cavity tooling


When molds and tooling are mentioned, what comes to mind are the parts that are produced through the use of processes like blow molding or injection molding.

These parts can be used for a number of different purposes across different fields and industries, and getting them right the first time is extremely crucial in the success of whatever process they will be used for.

A mold is a hollowed out block that sets the shape of the product being made. It can be made of different materials, the most common of which are aluminum, steel, alloys and copper. It also has different components. These components include pins, bases, lifters, ejectors, guides, bushings, and alignment devices. Because the mold shapes the end product, it is always essential that the right type is used. The manufacturer should have a thorough understanding of the final product to be made. Otherwise, the entire chain – from the smallest parts to the roles they play – would be sacrificed.

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