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Stamping Die Design

Stamping is the most common method of producing metal parts in the automotive industry because of its high production rate and low cost. Stamping die design is the preliminary phase in stamping tool and die making and is carried out as soon as the component design is finished. During the design phase, the necessary manufacturing methods, as well as the sequence and number of production steps, are established in a processing plan. In this plan, the availability of machines, the planned production volumes of the part, and other boundary conditions are taken into account. The aim is to minimize the number of dies to be used while keeping up a high level of operational reliability. The parts are greatly simplified right from their design stage by close collaboration between the Part Design and Production Departments in order to enable several forming and related blanking processes to be carried out in one forming station. Obviously, the more operations which are integrated into a single die, the more complex the structure of the die becomes. The consequences are higher costs, a decrease in output, and lower reliability.

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